Dewatering through shafts for an underground lead-zinc mine.

The Challenge

Esan had to pump dirty water from -600 meters at their underground lead-zinc mine, through narrow shafts to upper levels of the mine.
They usually used HDPE and steel pipes but they had clogging problems. This time Esan wanted a pipe that will not clog and will be very easy to install, with no need of fittings installed in the narrow shafts. They tried to find alternatives to prevent leakege problems on the fittings that caused to change them many times.

Pexgol Solution

The client decided to install 350 meters of Pexgol pipe. They choose Pexgol due to it’s experience with providing long pipe sections that enable to avoid installing fittings in narrow shafts and because of the resistance of the pipe to scale build up.
Thanks to Pexgol the installation took just 6 hours, Esan reduced their operation downtime.
Esan built their own decoiler and decoiled the pipe by themselves.


Esan Eczacibasi Endustriyel Hammaddeler
Turkey | 2019

Working Conditions:

Pressure: 20 bars
Ambient temperature

Pexgol Pipes

Pexgol 160 mm (6”), class 24




350 m / 1148.29 ft

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