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A pre-insulated carrier pipe for infrastructure applications (suitable for medium and low temperature DE Systems, CHP Systems, BioEnergy, Steam Condensate Return Systems, Chilled Water and Potable Water Distribution Systems above or below ground.

Made from the proven PE-Xa material, Pexgol Energy is offering the most comprehensive pre-insulated thermoplastic piping system solution in the industry today.

Pexgol Energy can be EVOH coated in red, yellow, or other colors. Alternatively, it is supplied as a black pipe (UV resistant). The inner pipe can be single, a double-pipe combination, or a four-pipe combination (up to 63 mm), according to requirements.

With superior durability and longevity combined with low installation and operational costs, Pexgol Energy is set to revolutionize the way systems are designed and operated in the energy transfer industry.

It’s superior performance feats:

  • Higher working temperatures and pressures range: -50°C/58°F — 110°C/230°F
  • Improved durability in harsh corrosive conditions
  • Immunity against improper pipe laying procedures
  • Low head losses resulting in considerable cost savings
  • Better abrasion resistance
  • Flexibility (6.5D)
  • pH range 1.0 > 14.0
  • UV resistant
  • Thermal memory
  • Freeze resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Scale resistant
  • Crack propagation resistant

The following Pexgol complementary systems are available for end users:

  • Natural bends in Pexgol Energy pipe
  • Pre-manufactured Pexgol elbows
  • Pre-manufactured Pexgol elbows with flared ends & flanges
  • SS branch saddles
  • Cast-iron with Pexgol liners

Pexgol Energy combines advanced pipe, fitting and connection methods with best-in-breed pre-insulating methods heat tracing and leak detection systems to provide end users with the most complete, long-term and cost-effective energy transfer piping system available. The following Pexgol connection solutions are available for Pexgol Energy pipes and fittings:

  • Flared End with ASA #150 & 300 lb. flanges
  • EF 100 Electrofusion
  • Pex2Pex Electrofusion
  • GP Flanged Couplers
  • HDPE Victaulic

Insulation kits are available for all Pexgol Energy connection methods.


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