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Pexgol Terra pipes are efficient, robust and genuinely cost-effective unmatched by HDPE and various other types of plastic pipes recently introduced into the market. The cross-linked molecular structure of Pexgol Terra pipes creates a durability that slows crack growth, scratches and point loading. As a result, Pexgol Terra pipes can be installed without sand embedding — enabling rapid, cost effective installation.

International standards allow the coiling of Pexgol Terra pipes in sections longer than HDPE pipes. Our long sections also facilitate faster installation and reduce fitting costs.

Pexgol Terra is specifically designed for water transportation for infrastructure or industrial applications such as boreholes, drinking water, water transport in mines and much more.

Pexgol Terra pipes are not sensitive to scratches and cracks and they do not need special care during handling. Unlike HDPE or steel, Pexgol Terra do not require sand embedding.

Pexgol Terra installation in trenches is simple and easy; it can be immediately covered with the extracted soil. The pipes can be connected in the trench. Pexgol Terra is extremely resistant to mechanical damage or abuse, such as scratches from stones.

Pexgol Terra pipes can be supplied in extra-long sections of hundreds of meters ensuring leakage-free use. Electrofusion and mechanical connectors both ensure zero leakage. Pexgol Terra flexibility and strength make the pipe resistant to water hammer.


  • Combining longitudinal flexibility and radial toughness—easily coiled and transported
  • Robust with thick walls
  • Impervious to scratches and pinholes
  • Always maintains its round shape
  • Available in a single piece
  • Does not require sand embedding

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