Groundwater transportation with pH low levels

The Challenge

At “Buena Vista del Cobre” Mine the process water was extracted from deep wells. Formerly they worked with stainless steel pipes 316 with 9 months of operational lifetime that required to be replaced due to the corrosion, as a consequence of the low pH (between 1.5 and 2.5) from the groundwater.

The Solution

The client required a more flexible pipe, with longer operational lifetime than the steel, and minimize the stops at the plant. Therefore, a 3 inch Pexgol pipe was installed in one section, holding the weight of the pump, the cables, the water column and the pipe itself. The new pipe operational lifetime is 50 years.

The client received not only a durable pipe but also a complete solution including fittings for the pump and the discharge head. For a 3 inch 250 meter steel pipe, it would require more than 40 thread joints.

With Pexgol it only took 2 joints. This operation with a steel pipe it would cost $22.000 USD, when a Pexgol operation cost just a third of it. Plus the savings the client got from avoiding to stop the production for the failures.


Grupo México, Buena Vista del Cobre Mine
Mexico | 2015

Working conditions:

Underground work (-250 m).

Pipes used:

Pexgol 90 mm (SDR 7.4).


Water transportation.


200 m.

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