Replacement of HDPE pipe for Pexgol

The Challenge

Tizapa Mine formerly installed an HDPE line were they used to transport slurry. This pipe suffered several failures on the joints, so did the thermo-fusions and the stub-ends as well.

They determinate that the failures were caused by small water hammers on the line.

The Solution

Due to this special circumstances, Tizapa Mine decided to install Pexgol pipes for the following reasons:

  • Supplied in long lengths coils: Of 100 meters each, reducing possible failures in the joints.
  • It high resistance to water hammers.
  • Burst pressure: 3 times higher than nominal pressure.
  • Safe joints: They don’t deform neither detach caused by a pressure surge.
  • Quick installation: Coils were uncoiled in 1.5 work hours, without any complex equipment.


Tizapa Mine
Mexico | 2015

Working conditions:

Pressure 100 Psi; Flow 225 mД/h;

Specific Weight 1.2 t; Solids 20-30%.

Pipes used:

Pexgol 10” 250 mm, Class 15 (SDR 11).


Slurry transportation.


200 meters.

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