Replacing steel pipes suffering from sediment formation

The Challenge

The main challenges were corrosion and scaling formation on the inner surface of existing steel pipes, causing a decrease of inner diameter of the pipes and consequent decrease of their throughput ability.

The Solution

Replacement of the existing 159 mm steel pipe with a 160 mm class 15 (SDR 11) Pexgol pipe.

The test line consists of three parts: One section is a white G-Pex pipe manufactured in Moscow, approximately 12 m long. Two more sections are 0.5 m long, each of black Pexgol pipe with flared ends, manufactured in Golan Plastic Products, Israel. These sections were connected by Plasson’s

Electro-fusion Pex-2-Pex couplers. During the entire operation the pipe was under continuous vibration because of a grinder operation.

The pipe was installed by the field team of Polimerteplo Group Llc accompanied by the field installation engineer of Gloan Plastic Products Ltd.


RUSAL,aluminum factory
Russia | 2012

Working conditions:

Specific gravity was 1.510-1.550 kg/l, pressure 2 Bar (maximum 3-4 Bar), temperature of 99°C. Chemical composition: Na2O, AI2O3, F32O3, SiO2, CaO. Flow rate: 180M3/H.

Pipes used:

160 mm class 15 (SDR 11).




15 meters with flared ends

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