Transportation of Phosphoric acid in a potassium nitrate plant

The Challenge

Corrosion in the pipes and leakages in the connections. Frequent replacement needed. Fiberglas and Rubber lined steel pipes are hard to maintain.

Pipe materials tried prior to Pexgol:

  • Rubber lined steel pipes in short sections
  • Fiberglass pipes

The Solution

Haifa Chemicals use Pexgol (PEX) pipes very successfully, since 1995 in all their process.

Diametr of ½” (16 mm) up to 14” (355 mm)

Pexgol pipes are used in the Phosphoric acid plant, in the potassium nitrate plant and in the waste treatment plant. Pexgol pipes work with Phosphoric acid up to 85%, The maximum working condition is 6 bar and 80 degrees Celsius.

The Economic

The original mean time between failures (MTBF) was short due to frequent leakages. Changing to Pexgol eliminated faileures completely.

No maintenance required.


Haifa Chemicals
Israel | 1995

Working conditions:

Phosphoric acid up to 85%. The maximum working condition is 6 bar and 80°C.

Pipes used:

Pexgol ½” (16 mm) up to 14” (355 mm).


Phosphoric acid.


1000 meters.

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