Water transportation with sulfide and cobalt particles

The Challenge

Moa Nickel transported water with nickel sulfide particles, this liquid formed a paste that was incrusted on the pipe walls and elbows, reducing it inside diameter. In order to repair the issue, they needed to stop the production plant, which required long maintenance time and as a consequence it decreased their productive capabilities.

The Solution

The former stainless steel pipe was replaced for a Pexgol pipe 250 mm, class 12. Even though the pipe had low thickness, it didn’t have problems such as wear nor incrustations. Likewise, due to its low roughness coefficient is lower than the titanium pipes, the head losses decreased and the pipe managed to work in a lower pressure with a greater flow.

Since the installation, the client didn’t spend on maintenance.


Moa Nickel S.A. Sherritt
Cuba | 2015

Working conditions:

110°C – 1 bar.

Pipes used:

Pexgol 250 mm Class 12.


Water transportation.


40 m.

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