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Branch-off saddles are designed for side outlets with a maximum diameter equal to half of the main pipe’s diameter.
Threaded or flanged outlets (according to ASA 150, BSTD or other standard requirements) are available.
Golan’s stainless steel saddles are supplied for diameters from 4” to 20”. They can be used for the full temperature range of Pexgol pipes and up to 12 bar.
For the installation of saddles, see instructions at:

All stainless steel saddles are suitable for transporting drinking water.

Stainless Steel Branch-off Saddles/ASA 150 Flanged Outlet
Catalog NumberOD [D] and flange sizeH (mm)L (mm)Weight (kg)
IPS46804024″ x 2″1208″7
IPS46804034″ x 3″1208″7
IPS46806026″ x 2″1203007
IPS46806036″ x 3″1203009
IPS46806046″ x 4″1203009.5
IPS46808028″ x 2″12037515
IPS46808038″ x 3″12037515.6
IPS46808048″ x 4″12037516
IPS46808068″ x 6″15037519
IPS468100210″ x 2″12018″17
IPS468100310″ x 3″12018″18
IPS468100410″ x 4″12018″20
IPS468100610″ x 6″15018″23
Stainless Steel Branch-off Saddles/ASA 150 Flanged Outlet
Catalog NumberOD [D] and flange sizeH (mm)L (mm)Weight (kg)
IPS468120212″ x 2″12018″18
IPS468120312″ x 3″12018″20
IPS468120412″ x 4″12018″21
IPS468120612″ x 6″15018″23
IPS468120812″ x 8″15018″28
IPS468140214″ x 2″12018″19
IPS468140314″ x 3″12018″21
IPS468140414″ x 4″12018″22
IPS468140614″ x 6″15018″25
IPS468140814″ x 8″15018″29
IPS468160316″ x 3″12052523
IPS468160416″ x 4″12052523
IPS468160616″ x 6″15052526
IPS468160816″ x 8″15052530
IPS468180318″ x 3″12052524
IPS468180418″ x 4″12052524
IPS468180618″ x 6″15052527
IPS468180818″ x 8″15052531
IPS468200320″ x 3″12052526
IPS468200420″ x 4″12052526
IPS468200620″ x 6″15052528
IPS468200820″ x 8″15052532
Stainless Steel Branch-off Saddles/Female Thread Outlet
Catalog NumberOD [D] and flange sizeH (mm)L (mm)Weight (kg)
IPS47004024″ x 2″1202255.5
IPS47004034″ x 3″1202256.3
IPS47006026″ x 2″1203007
IPS47006036″ x 3″1203009
IPS47008028″ x 2″12037515
IPS47008038″ x 3″12037515.6
IPS470100210″ x 2″12045017
IPS470100310″ x 3″12045018
IPS470120212″ x 2″12045018
IPS470120312″ x 3″12045020
IPS470140214″ x 2″12045019
IPS470140314″ x 3″12045021
IPS470160316″ x 3″12052523
IPS470180318″ x 3″12052524
IPS470200320″ x 3″12052526

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