Water transportation trough shafts

The Challenge

The ground water control system used at Pinos Altos Mine is trough dewatering, which is the method that better adjust to the characteristics of the mine work, furthermore it’s the more efficient and cost-effective if it’s handled the right way.

The fluid transportation associated costs in the mining industry represents an important percentage of the total cost of the operation, consequently the development of work schemes and a hydraulic system optimization, generates important savings on operational costs.

For the pumping system optimization the client designed a pool on level 28, that will gather the runoff water from the superior levels after pumping up to level 22.

The Solution

For this conduction line a Pexgol pipe was chosen, since it fulfilled the technical features that the job required. Due its ability to be supplied in long length coils, and its capacity to hold 175 meters of water column (249 psi), plus its easy-to-maneuver and installation capabilities (since the pipe was installed through the shafts) and its supplied long sections (which prevents head losses through the joints), the Pexgol pipe was the perfect solution. In addition, the Pexgol pipe roughness coefficient is lower than other pipes, therefore less friction losses and energy savings were encountered.


Agnico Eagle Pinos Altos Mine
Mexico | 2017

Working conditions:

300 psi, altitude dierence= 174 m, mine water with 15-20% solids.

Pipes used:

Pexgol SDR 7.4 225×30.8.




225 meters.

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