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The flared-end connection is suitable for both hot and cold media. Special Fixpoint clamps should be used before and after the flared ends. Flange material is carbon steel A37. Other carbon steel or stainless steel grades can be ordered.

In case of subzero temperatures, special restraining techniques should be employed to prevent pulling out of the flared end from the flanges.

No gasket is needed when connecting two Pexgol pipes with flared ends and flanges or when connecting a Pexgol pipe with a flared end to a flanged fitting.

Tighten the bolts evenly around the flange until all the bolts are all tight.

If torque wrenches are applied, use the recommended values in the following table. Tighten the bolts evenly using 75% of the recommended torque values and then tighten to the final value.

No retorquing is necessary in the flared ends of Pexgol pipes!

Tightening torque values for Pexgol flared ends:

Pexgol Pipe Dia.Flange sizeBolt dia.Torque N x mTorque ft x lbs
632”5/8” 16mm34482535
752 ½”5/8” 16mm34482535
903”5/8” 16mm48683550
1104”5/8” 16mm48683550
1254”5/8” 16mm61884565
1406”3/4“ 20mm681005075
1606”3/4“ 20mm681005075
1806”3/4“ 20mm681005075
2008”3/4“ 20mm10816380120
2258”3/4“ 20mm10816380120
25010”7/8“ 22mm10816380120
28010”7/8“ 22mm10816380120
31512”7/8“ 22mm142217105160
35514”1” 25mm244370180270
40016”1” 25mm244370180270
45018”1 1/8“ 28mm270405200300
50020”1 1/8“ 28mm270405200300
56022”1 1/8“ 28mm352530260390
63024”1 1/8“ 28mm395590290435

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