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Small hole, up to 5 cm diameter:

  1. Uncover the pipe, 2 meters along the pipe and 0.5 meter below the pipe.
  2. Carefully clean the soil from the pipe and make sure no scratches extend beyond the repair area.
  3. Use a repair fitting, supplied by Pexgol or use a branch-off saddle.


  • In case of vertical installation (dewatering line), the fitting must be protected by a fixpoint bridge.
  • Careless excavation could damage Pexgol pipes.

Large hole requiring replacing a pipe section:

  1. Uncover the pipe, 3 meters along the pipe and 0.5 meters below the pipe.
  2. Cut out the section of the pipe with the hole and replace with a new section.
  3. In most cases, the maximum length of the section to be replaced does not exceed 1 meter in length.
  4. The new section will be connected by:
    1. Two electrofusion repair couplers
    2. Four Pexgol’s flanged couplings
    3. Two Plasson mechanical couplers (for pipes up to 160mm)


  • Only technicians trained by Pexol’s field service personnel are authorized to perform the repair.
  • Stop water flow using common squeeze-off techniques.
  • In case of a vertical installation (dewatering line), the pipe must be secured by a fixpoint bridge prior to cutting the pipe

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