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Test / ResinaStandardRequiredNominalFrequency
ISO 1133
1.7 – 2.31.9Every Batch
DensityASTM D1505
ISO 1183
926 Kg/m3955 Kg/m3Every Batch
Water ContentASTM D6869
ISO 15512
<0.1%<0.1%Every Batch
Every Batch
Melt Flow Rate (MFR)ASTM D12381.0 – 3.01.61Every Batch
Carbon Black Content (CBC)ASTM D42182.0 – 2.62.4Every Batch
DensityISO 1183938 kg/m3938 kg/m3
Cross Linking DegreeISO 1014770%80%At least twice a batch
Elongation at break (at 20°C)ISO 6259-1, ISO 6259-3350%>400%Every Batch
Tensile strength (at 20°C and at 100°C)ISO 6259-1 ISO 6259-319 N/mm219 N/mm2>19 N/mm2At least twice yearly
UV ResistanceISO 14531-1,
Annex C Resistance to Weathering
a) Thermal stability
b) 95°C Hydrostatic strength
c) Elongation at break
ComplyType test
Longitudinal reversionISO 2505<3%<2.5%Every Batch
Stabilisers MigrationNCh2086At least 50% of a virgin sample>50%Annually
Oxidative Induction Time (OIT)EN 728
ISO TR 10837
>20 min
at 200°C
>40 min
at 200°C
Every Batch
Oven aging 160°CATECAfter 100 hours, at least 50% elongation compared to virgin materialAfter 100 hours, 90% elongation compared to virgin materialTwice weekly
Thermal stability at 110°CEN1563215,000 h>25,000Type Test
Pent TestASTM F876100 hs>100 hsOnce per year
Squeeze-offISO 145311.000 hs
(Pre cooling at -50°C)
>1.000 hsType Test
RCPISO 14531lc/dn ≤ 4.7; a -50°Clc/dn = 0.2 a -50°CType Test
Impact strength at 20 °CDIN 53453No failureNo failureType Test
Impact strength, at -140 °C Surface Energy
Moisture absorption at 20 °C
No failure 34×10-3 N/m
0.01 mg/4d
No failure
34 x 10 – 3 N/m
< 0.01 mg/4d
Type Test
Oxygen permeability (at 80°C) for pipe with oxygen barrier acc. To EN 15632ISO 17455≤3.60 mg O2/(m²/d)≤2.0 mg O2/(m²/d)Type Test
Thermal Properties
ValueUnitTested for Standard
Service Temperature Range-50 up to + 115°C
Coefficient of Linear Expansion at 20°C1,4 x 10-4m/m*°CDIN53752
Coefficient of Linear Expansion at 100°C2,05 x 10-4m/m*°C
Softening Temperature+ 133°C
Specific Heat2,3kJ/Kg*°CDIN53765
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity0,35Watt/m*°CDIN 4725
Electronic Properties
ValueUnitTested for Standard
Specific internal resistance at 20°C1015Ω.m
Dielectric constant at 20°C2,3
Dielectric loss factor at 20°C/50Hz1 x 10-3DIN53483
Rupture voltage at 20°C100kV/mm

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