Transportation of Bauxite Ore Slurry at 95°C / 203°F

The Challenge

At Urals Alumina Plant, they required to renovate their carbon steel pipes where they transport bauxite ore slurry at 95°C / 203°F. Every year these lines were suffering from sedimentation problems and it was necessary to clean them every three months, involving man power and
high costs.

The Solution

The client decided to replace the carbon steel pipes with Pexgol pipes. Thanks to it smooth inner surface, sedimentation is not a problem and as a consequence requires less maintenance, lowering also costs.
The Pexgol pipes have been checked annually and even after 4,5 years of exploitation, the pipes have shown positive results. They don’t have to clean the pipes any more.

Carbon Steel Pipe

Pexgol Pipe


Urals Alumina Plant – Rusal
Russia | 2013

Working Conditions:

High temperature

Pipes used:

Pexgol 160 mm Class 15


Slurry Transportation


20 m

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