Hot Caustic line replacement in Paper Mill

The Challenge

At Svetlogorskiy Mill Paper Plant they needed to repair their stainless steel pipes a few times a year, since they were transporting alkali at very high temperature.
The main challenge for the line was the sedimentation issues.

The Solution

The client decided to replace the stainless steel pipes with Pexgol pipes. Thanks to it smooth inner surface, sedimentation is not a problem
and as a consequence requires less maintenance.
The line has been installed since 2015 and it stills shows amazing results.

Stainless Steel Pipe

Stainless Steel Pipe

Pexgol Pipe

Pexgol Pipe


Svetlogorskiy Mill
Russia | 2015

Working Conditions:

Non-pressure, high temperature and scrubber water

Pipes used:

Pexgol 160 mm Class 15


Alkali transportation in caustic and regeneration workshop


13 m

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