Installation of a Pexgol pipe on top of a steel outdated pipe

The Challenge

Commonly at Ashdod Sea Port (Israel) they require to transport all kinds of chemicals, acids and slurries to ship for export, from the port to the shipping boats.
In order to fulfill this procedure they installed cast steel pipes, which suffer from corrosion inside the pipe due to the chemicals after so
many years carrying them. This steel pipes were very expensive to maintain, including frequent cleaning.

The Solution

An engineering firm specializing in the chemical industry, stated that Pexgol was the ideal solution for dealing with the challenges of the

  • Pexgol’s proven ability to deal with acids.
  • Durability of the pipes.
  • The possibility of installing a 315 mm continuous pipe line without flanged connections in curved sections, saving the number of flanges and dramatically reducing weak points.

The Pexgol pipes were installed hanging with fixpoints on top of the current steel pipes, without damaging them. Omegas were installed as well (that couldn’t be done with PE pipes).
Took 10 days to install and operate the line, having the ships waiting in the water, the line started working immediately after completion.

Pexgol Chemicals Transportation


Ashdod Sea Port
Israel | 2016

Working Conditions:

High pressure, abrasion, constant water hammers

Pipes used:

Pexgol 315 mm 90 Class 12 SDR 16.3


Chemicals Transportation


1.3 km

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