High Pressure potable water line

The Challenge

“Pelambres” Mine required to install a safe water line to their new truck garage. The ground were the pipe needed to be installed was very complex with steep slopes.

The mine considered installing carbon steel pipes, but under those complicate conditions, the last 300 meter section was a very severe problem for the installation crew. The original plan considered 60 days for the assembly of that section.

The Solution

A pre-isolated Pexgol pipe was installed (Flexwell-Pex 140×32.5//233), that substituted the last 300 meters section of the carbon steel pipe.

The Pexgol pipe was provided in three long sections and welded in the ground by the Golan team, who also instructed the mine workers and the contractor.

The three sections were de-coiled and were welded by electro-fusion.

In the joints the polyurethane was replaced and reinforced.

The original schedule plan estimated 60 days for the installation, but with Pexgol it took only 15 days instead, with an optimal use of resources.


Antofagasta Minerals, Pelambres Mine
Chile | 2014-2015

Working conditions:

Gravity flow on harsh ground at 3,400 m altitude. 300 meters elevation difference gravity flow.

Pipes used:

Insulated Pexgol pipe 140 cl 50 (SDR 4.3) polyurethane insulation / Flexwell-Pex 140×32.5/233.


Safe water transportation.


300 m.

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