Pipe installation on a mountain

The Challenge

Codelco needed to transport meltdown water downhill at Andes Mountain range.

The water pipes installation was a big risk for the team, as well as huge workforce with short time schedules.

The Solution

Using hoses seemed to be the solution, but the complexity of its installation made the client decided to use Pexgol in long sections instead.

The installation was simplified by the use of Pexgol long sections.

The pipes were unrolled from it coils and jointed trough electro-fusion, to be dragged and mapped out according to the project.

The installation was done in perfect timing with an optimal performance.


Codelco Andina, TADA 1-2 Project
Chile | 2013-2014

Working conditions:

Complex & harsh ground, 300 m altitude.

Pipes used:

Pexgol 315 mm, Class 15 (SDR 11).


Water transportation.


3,300 m.

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