Replacement of a HDPE pipe for a Pexgol pipe

The Challenge

The client required to replace their current HDPE pipe lines where they transported slurry since they have frequent wear and leak issues on the joints. They used thermo-fusion welding, plus reinforcement with a Vitaulic 995 coupler. This sort of situation involved a considerable expense every time they failed, but they didn’t last long. The failures were every 3 to 4 months.

The Solution

In order to perform a better job when transporting slurry, the client decided to install a Pexgol pipe of 1642 meters SDR 15 225 x 20.4.

Thanks to Pexgol’s comprehensive piping solution, abrasion issues were avoided, since its cross-linked material is between 4 to 10 times more resistant than other pipes materials.

The pipes were supplied n sections up to 240 meters each one, consequently the installation was simple improving the process’s security and therefore protecting the environment.


Saucito S.A. de C.V. Mine
Mexico | 2017

Working conditions:

Discharge by gravity, ambient temperature, abrasive fluid.

Pipes used:

Pexgol SDR 15 225 x 20.4.


Slurry transportation.


1642 meters.

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