Replacement of carbon steel pipe for a Pexgol pipe

The Challenge

In the plant “Purina” the water for production is taken from a well.

Originally they used carbon steel pipes to transport the water, which were useful only for a year, then they had to change the pipes since they suffered serious corrosion problems.

This phenomenon happened due to the high sodium content of the groundwater.

The Solution

The customer required a flexible pipe with a longer service life than carbon steel pipes to maintain a stable operation and minimize sudden stoppages for maintenance operations.

It was, therefore, decided to supply a pipe of 110 mm diameter in a single section which can withstand without any inconvenience the weight of the pump, the cables, the water column and the weight of the pipe.


Mexico | 2017

Working conditions:

Work done at -65 meters

Pipes used:

Pexgol 100 mm (4″) SDR 11.


Water transportation.


50 meters.

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