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Pexgol solutions are perfectly tailored for applications in the sugar, ethanol & refinery industries. Renowned sugar mills and refineries all over the world rely on Pexgol pipe systems. The vast amount of systems that are successfully in operation are the best reference for the reliability and good quality of our products.
In the distillation processes the temperature hovers between 60° and 80°C, therefore usually steel pipes are used. Thanks to the fact that PE-X has a superior resistance to high temperatures, it is an excellent solution since it does not suffer from corrosion.

Besides transporting distillation liquids, Pexgol can also support molasses transportation. Molasses usually require to be transported at a specific temperature. It usually sticks to the pipe walls. Pexgol is an ideal solution for this kind of operation, since it can be provided with insulation, helping to contain the heat. In addition, the pipes internal smooth walls help to avoid build-up.

Likewise Pexgol pipes can be used as boreholes for water supply in the factories. Pexgol does not suffer from corrosion.
Pexgol has over 20 years of experience in transporting spirits and fluids with an 86% alcohol concentrate.
Corrosion resistance is one of the most important advantages of Pexgol pipes. Pexgol’s excellent corrosion resistance is a result of the unique structure of crosslinked
polyethylene, making the pipe material especially tough and resilient, and generally able to resist corrosion better than metal pipes.
Pexgol solution reduces both capital and maintenance costs while maintaining the highest of regulatory standards for both operators and owners.


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