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Wastewater treatment plants are extremely corrosive environments. During the treatment process, piping systems convey wastewater with highly corrosive caustic chemicals. To keep wastewater treatment plants efficient and cost-effective, appropriate material selection is critical.

Pexgol pipes are made of PE-X, a high-performance industrial piping material specially engineered to meet the demands of wastewater treatment plants. PE-X is preferred because of its resistance to more than 200 different chemicals and withstanding temperatures up to 100°C.

Advantages of Pexgol systems for Wastewater Treatment Plants:

  • Significantly lowers life-cycle costs over metallic systems.
  • Requires significantly less maintenance than cheaper plastics.
  • Endures internal and external corrosion caused by many chemicals.
  • Blocks the degrading effects of chemicals, microorganisms and UV light.
  • Ensures optimal flow rates with excellent hydraulic capabilities and pressure ratings.
  • Achieves long-term performance with superior mechanical strength.
  • Comes in diameters up to 710 mm (28”).
  • Reduces installation time with a lightweight pipe and joining systems design that eliminating the need for complicated connection techniques.
  • Meets and exceeds regulatory requirements, including international standards for potable water.
  • Pexgol’s extraordinarily smooth surface prevents scale sedimentation.

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