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Pexgol pipe system is suitable for all hydrometallurgy processes:

  • Leaching (Lixiviate, Heap Leaching, Dump Leaching, Tank Leaching, In situ Leaching, Gold Chlorination, Gold Cyanidation and Bayer Process).
  • Solutions concentration purification.
  • Metal recovery.

Pexgol lower both operational and capital costs by offering a plastic pipe suitable to most of the conditions in the plant pipe lines.

Characteristics & Advantages:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance. Resistant to H2SO4, H2S in a variety of concentrations and to other corrosives.
  • Good behavior on temperatures up to 130°C.
  • Good wearing resistance.
  • Low adherence due to low superficial roughness (ideal for scale forming solutions).
  • Good flexibility and mechanical resistance (impact, scratching).
  • Can be supplied in lengths longer than any other competitor.
  • Erosion can be monitored by standard ultrasonic devices.
  • Simple fittings and easy to install.
  • It allows to measure thicknesses in case of abrasion.

How Pexgol reduces OPEX & CAPEX for HPAL processes:

  • Typically lower material cost compared to exotic alloys and RLCS.
  • Long term corrosion resistant to acidic conditions found in the process eliminate the need for repairs and breakdown.
  • Pexgol is a solid wall pipe (not a liner), so even in a case of failure, repair doesn’t require special preparation equipment as in the case of rubber lined pipe.
  • Pexgol does not require special treatment such as leveling, preparation or special care as some rigid plastic pipes may require.
  • The energy savings can reach 20% compared to some pipe materials, increasing the system’s overall productivity.
  • The quick install connection removes the need of welders and welding equipment – lowering skilled labor costs and risks associated with welding.
  • When long lines are required, the optional coiling (up to 315 mm O.D.) allows a faster installation rate and lowers risks due to fewer fittings.
  • The material flexibility provides installation tolerance in the field.

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