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Potable water is limited resource in the planet. Delivering it from one point to the other requires a reliable system to avoid losses and leakages. Together with keeping it safe from possible contamination. Old technology pipe material (PVC, HDPE or fiberglass) is more sensitive to cracks causing leakages compared to PE-X material. And corrosion, as it occurs on ductile iron pipes, leads to constant pipe replacement and undetected leakages.

For waterworks, durability and corrosion resistance are the cornerstone of true sustainability and strength. Pexgol systems provide a resilient and high-quality option, making it ideal for long-term asset management.

Pexgol offers a complete solution for transporting potable water on:

  • Municipal network
  • Distribution network
  • Risers

Main advantages of Pexgol systems for potable water:

  • Pexgol pipes have a proven service history of over 50 years worldwide.
  • Resistant to high pressures up to 40 bar.
  • Can withstand water hammer.
  • Resistant to the slow formation of longitudinal cracks.
  • Resistant to cracking caused by harsh conditions.
  • Ability to withstand dangerous impact of continuous point load, such as contact with rocks and stones, on a certain point in the pipe.
  • Toughness that gives an excellent survival including resistance to towing the pipe to and inside trenches.
  • Possibility of installation without sand embedding.
  • Pexgol pipes possesses ultra-smooth surface preventing sedimentation.

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