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Pexgol designed a specific pipe for pre-insulated applications: Pexgol Energy. A pre-insulated pipe for buried or above-ground applications.
Due to its high temperature and pressure resistance, Pexgol Energy is suitable for:

  • CHP (Combined heat and power) Systems
  • Bio Energy and SCRS (Steam Condensate Return Systems)
  • To transport chilled and potable water distribution systems above or below ground

With superior durability and longevity combined with low installation and operational costs, Pexgol Energy is set to revolutionize the way systems are designed and operated in the energy transfer industry.

Main advantages:

  • High-quality insulation: lightweight and flexible.
  • Long coil lengths up to 355 mm (14”), eliminating the need for many underground joints to protect against heat loss.
  • Fewer fittings and connections, saving energy and costs while also limiting liability concerns.
  • Faster to install; snakes around barriers, obstacles and corners.
  • Durable in harsh environments.
  • Freeze resistant.
  • Direct replacement for carbon steel and exotic pipe materials.

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