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Maintaining brines processing requires careful selection of pipe material in order to prolong the integrity of pipelines and increase the productivity by reducing maintenance downtime.
Pexgol unique properties include a very smooth internal surface, higher range of working temperatures and enhanced wear resistance, making it the best solution for most of the challenges faced by field and plant pipeline operators.
We offer a complete solution for processing brine as lithium, magnesium, potash and table salt. We have more than 30 years of experience in this kind of mining processes.

Advantages of Pexgol for Brine Processing:

  • Working temperature ranges from -50°C up to 110°C.
  • Extra smooth internal surface: brine sticks less to the pipe than other materials, meaning less maintenance & lower costs (less time between washes and less washing time).
  • UV resistant.
  • Long length pipe sections: Continuous sections implies lower risk of leakage and uncoupling.
  • High Abrasion Resistance: Greater abrasion resistance means less risk of fissures and leaks.

How Pexgol can help you reducing OPEX & CAPEX for Brine Processing:


  • Reduction or complete elimination of internal material buildup.
  • Typically lower material cost compared to exotic alloys and RLCS.
  • Long term corrosion resistant to acidic conditions.
  • Solid wall pipe (not a liner) means that even in a case of failure, repair doesn’t require special preparation equipment as in the case of a rubber lined pipe.


  • Energy savings can reach 20% compared to some pipe materials, increasing the system overall productivity.
  • Faster and easier washing work.
  • High UV resistance implies higher life time.
  • Lightweight pipe material means easier handling.
  • When long lines are required, the optional coiling (up to 315mm OD) allows a faster installation rate and lowers risks due to fewer fittings.

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